Issues with some customer websites
8:30 AM EDT
All customer websites should be active.  A small group of customers may not be able to edit their files, and may be experiencing some site performance degradation.  Our team continues to move all customers off of the affected hardware, and are taking all necessary precautions to do so in a manner that will have the least visible impact to customers. 
As always we will continue to update this alert until all services are fully restored for all customers, we thank you for your patience. 
9:52 PM EDT
Our team has isolated the problem hardware, which will resolve this issue for most customers.  There may be some customers who are still experiencing issues with their websites, and our team is working on the remaining customers to restore those sites as quickly as possible. 
9:33 PM EDT
We are currently investigating an issue at our Boston data center which may be affecting your website.
Our team is working to isolate the issue and restore service to as many customers as possible, as fast as possible.

We of course apologize for this interuption in service, and we will update this alert with more information as it becomes available.

- 10/23/13 at 11:52 ET

SiteLock SECURE. Verified.

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